The Constitution of Trust

Between March 2015 and January 2017 we were collecting the ideas, proposals and dreams that Chileans wanted to see in a new Fundamental Charter, through the citizen platforms # and # in context of the constitutional debate that arose.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies to channel participation, an unprecedented adventure was proposed to the country that sought to be a bridge between citizens and generate a public and open discussion on the main issues that a new Magna Carta should address.

The objective was to contribute to the dialogue, through the diversity of views of those who entered the platform and left their opinions and reflections, as part of a collaborative exercise that would help to think and design the rule’s framework for the country we want.

Today, four years after that experience, mistrust towards institutions clearly appears as one of the central problems of the democratic system. There is a demand for symmetry, an end to inequality and abuses, and a gap in citizens relations with the institutions of democracy, which are affecting all areas of the country's social, economic and political life.

That is why our contribution to this initiative seeks to identify the trust gaps that exist from people to public institutions, through a collaborative platform that provides citizens with a digital space for education, information, interaction, debate and deliberation in relation to the main issues that the new Constitution of Chile must consider within the framework of the discussion of rules that the Constitutional Convention will establish.

We will take advantage of the inputs obtained from #yourconstitution and #ourconstitution, relieving the exercise carried out and updating the methodology of "You" and "We" proposed on that occasion, this time resignifying individual participation through a citizen digital seat, first, and then, promoting a conversation of the communities through digital and face-to-face councils of trust. Along with this, we will enable an educational and civic training space that is the sipport that gives us the framework of the civic and constitutional conversation that the country is holding in this process.